Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Furniture

Well it’s October!
First off it’s weird to think I’ve been out of prison 7 months… I still have nightmares about it at least twice a week. I just finished reading my first book since I got out. For those of you that were not around last year…I read about 500 books in the two years I was in. In prison we say “That’s how you do your time” .. Some people play hand ball, some run the track some, some watch TV….I was a reader… I’ve done a lot to avoid thinking about being in that place again; including avoiding reading…. I have to admit that this first book (Dan Brown’s The lost Symbol) gave me the heebeegeebees pretty much the whole time I was reading it. At one point I asked my girl friend, Chelsea, to rub my neck while I was reading, to try to reassociate good feelings with reading… By the end of the book I was feeling much better.. and I’m glad I got it out of my system. Also I discovered that my eyes have gotten worse and I need new glasses. But enough of that…

October is here!

Today The Yellow Rose will get all new furniture. Getting new chairs is always traumatic… the chair manufacturer (in this case K G Furniture) sends me some itty bitty swashes of fabric and pictures of chairs. Then I have to take the fabric swashes and look at them under “Club Light” (because nothing looks the same in regular light, as they do when our club is dark and the colored stage lights are up) and decide which looks the best and goes with the carpet. Then I have to project out if the color scheme will work with new carpet because we will be getting new carpet again before we replace the chairs. I then decide on chair styles from pictures in a book… and send off a check for about 20 grand. So today we get a truck load of furniture and I will hope against hope that I made good choices.

Also, by next week we will have our entire sound system replaced… I have always prided myself on having great sound. I have a friend in the industry, Mark Proct, who gets us the best deals on the best equipment on the face of the earth! It is funny, when ever we send something out for bid, people see “Titty Bar,” and the price goes up about 5 times what it normally should be. Our first bid from one of the local sound companies came in at $25,000…they were charging me more for amplifiers than I paid for them 5 years ago… The price of sound equipment has gone DOWN in the last 5 years.. not up… needless to say… my buddy Mark is going to get it done for under $5000.00 and I know it will sound friggin awesome. The key to sound in a topless bar… is to have it just loud enough you have to raise your voice to talk over it but not so loud that you have to scream. The sound needs to be smooth and velvety…. Not harsh and screaming. It has to be somewhat comfortable…. If the music is too loud or it sounds wrong (i.e. scratchy and harsh) it will get customers to look at their watches. That is the worst thing that can happen in my world. When a customer looks at his watch he thinks about leaving…. Everything we do is to try to keep the customer from looking at his watch. We want people to snuggle in and spend their whole/day evening with us. Bad sound and uncomfortable chairs defeat that purpose.

So did I choose right or wrong…Hmmmm I’ll know in a few hours… more tomorrow with pictures!

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  1. Hey there! It's November now :) Hope you got something new to post! Looking forward to new news. Say, I'm here in Austin for a business trip, what can I look forward to in Yellow Rose? I'm from Singapore, and tall blonde women are rare in my part of the world! :)